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User Support
  • Advanced Dashboard - The dashboard is kept descriptive and simple. Any user visiting their account can see all the information on the dashboard page. The information on the event ticketing system software dashboard page is nicely categorized for ease of use. This provides users an easy to use portal to maintain their account. You can visit any page directly through dashboard and can update the information. The portal allows flexibility to customize the look of the dashboard to fit your requirements.
  • Social Media Support - Our event ticketing system software provides a better connectivity with the leading social media platforms. User can promote their post on social media sites through our ticketing software. In addition, user can invite friends and friends of friends to visit their page.
  • Dynamic Event Information Form - The event ticketing system software submission form is divided into three categories i.e. Add Your Event Details, Create Tickets and Promote your event. The whole event form page is designed keeping the the user in mind so that the user can easily explain their event. In addition, the form also supports audio-video and image files.
  • Multiple Tabs - The event ticketing system software is easy for the user to completely utilize the platform easily. The main tabs include - Create an Event, My Profile, My Events, My Contacts and User Account information. In addition, there are many sub tabs that allow the user to work within the portal more efficiently.
  • Search Tab - The Search Tab is provided where needed to make searching events easy. You will find the search tab in My events to filter your search results.
  • Design -We also provide you the facility to choose the forms design from several available designs. You can keep your form looking unique by selecting a design of your choice.
  • Account Tab - It is the main tab that allows you to keep track of multiple information, from personal details to financial transactions; each and everything can be managed through the Account Tab.
  • Contacts List -This special feature allow you to create a contact list through the event ticketing system software. You can send individual event and group invitations through the list.
  • Profile -We also introduced the latest profile format, which allow the users to effectively provide their organizer information and also offer the flexibility to customize the look of the profile to their liking.
  • Help Centre -This is an equally important feature in the event ticketing system software because it will guide you through ways to use the platform effectively and will offer you additional information regarding the same.
Admin Side Ticketing Software Features