• Ticketing software is event publishing platform, which acts as a smart and advanced intermediate between ticket buyer and poster. This product is especially facilitated for the clients, who want to be a part of event management industry via a unique yet financially productive way. The clients can effectively launch to invite the people who belongs to post their upcoming event on the platform and to sell tickets through it.

  • Technology used in Ticketing software

    Ticketing Software is mainly developed on Codeigniter(a PHP based MVC framework). Codeigniter is selected as the main base after testing the flexibility offer by a number of frameworks and programming language. In the end, our development and testing team came with the conclusion to choose Codeigniter as the base to develop Ticketing software. On the completion of development and testing procedure, we found that Codeigniter was the perfect choice as it assisted our designing and development team to come up with impressive and resourceful features in Ticketing Software.

  • Why Ticketing Software?

    Each and every business person mainly focuses expected ROI while beginning up with something new. Ticketing Software is designed and target to event organizer and event management companies. It will allow them to manage and host their event. It is unique opportunity in event industry. We will follow all commercial parameters. The ticketing software is packed with all essential elements that can attract and satisfy the requirements of the event organizer. The event organizer can effectively explain and represent the core functionality of the event through Ticketing Software as we have provided several advanced features in the software that can help in presenting and describing the event effectually. Thus, you are not required to turn your head around in search of any other event publishing software and can get started with Ticketing Software.

  • Give a chance to Ticketing Software and try the available demo version, you will surely like it and would prefer to get it. We are open for customization. Thus, if you feel like to have some additional features, we will customize the same in the software.